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Women and the Law (June 2013)

Is it just me? Or do you feel a distinct up-shift in the interest in/discussion about the role of women in the profession, too? Read my most recent blog post in Legal Alignment, but the impetus for my thoughts is Rachel Zahorsky’s June 1, 2013 ABA Journal article on 6 Women Law Firm Leaders: I’d suggest, dear readers, that this article is well worth your time, and may lead you to think about whether these women’s themes aren’t really the conversation of the future … for all of us interested in leadership, change, and law.  Pay special attention to what it is that Stasia Kelly and Kim Koopersmith are thinking about.  And listen – as does Madeline Cahill-Boley – between the lines.

The gift that keeps giving? “End of year law firm rate increases” (December 2012)

In this season of Thanks and Giving, what would you prefer for the holidays if you were a client: law firm rate increases or your firm’s promise to focus harder on profiting from cost-efficiency? After I posted my annual “rant” on law firm rate increases that go out each December on my blog, Corporate Counsel magazine asked for a version of the article, which appeared in their December 4, 2012 edition.  The responses were fast and furious, but included something especially interesting: namely, a submission from Jeff Carr, the CLO of FMC Technologies in Houston, who very kindly shared his “2012 End of Year” letter to all his law firms. It’s a great example of practicing the preach!  But the fun truly began when Jennifer Smith of The Wall Street Journal picked up the story and wrote this.  Bottom line folks: the issue isn’t about whether rates should go up or down; it’s that rates shouldn’t be the conversation – in a world that’s focused on cost and efficiency, rates should be irrelevant to value-conscious clients – they’re really only a form of productivity measurement for law firm accounting systems. What counts is costs and cost control.
[December 13 - addendum: The ABA Journal asked for a follow up from the original post: you can find it here.]

Advice on BD & Client Relations – a Six Part Conversation (October 2012)

Susan joins forces with the formidable V. Mary Abraham in her award-winning blog, Above and Beyond KM, to offer this series of captured conversations on what it means to attract, retain, and grow client relationships, especially in such turbulent times.

Connecting Cost and Price to Value – the Rise of the Law Firm Pricing Director (September 2012)

In this two-part article in Corporate Counsel Magazine, Susan examines the hot new legal specialty of 2012 (more than 50 pricing directors have been hired to BigLaw firms in the last 12-18 months), and features the comments of several leaders who are plotting what could be a transformational revolution.  Part One focuses on the top attributes of successful pricing directors; Part Two focuses on practical implementation of a legal pricing strategy and how firms interested in joining the movement can get started.

A conversation on the balance between value & hours in legal pricing (September 2012)

Continuing the conversation started during a darned fun dinner conversation at the 2012 ILTA annual meeting, Susan joins Toby Brown (Pricing Director of Akin Gump, and an Intrepid Leader in the Dynamic Trio of 3 Geeks and a Law Blog ) and Jordan Furlong (the Great White North’s New Normal Phenom at Slaw, Law21, and Edge International) in advancing our views on hours, value, and alternative legal universes.  In order: Jordan’s post is here; Toby’s  is here; Susan’s post is here.

Susan Makes Law Review (25 years late!) (August 2012)

Susan’s article – “Corporate Counsel and the Evolution of Practical Ethical Navigation: An Overview of the Changing Dynamics of Professional Responsibility in In-House Practice” – appears in the Spring 2012 edition of the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics – Vol. XXV, No. 2: you can order a copy here.

Womble Carlyle’s Leading Social Media Practices (July 2012)

Steve Bell, WCSR’s Chief Client Development Officer, offers his and his firm’s thinking in this LEL Practice Resource detailing how Womble leverages – rather than simply “regulates” – social media use in their law firm.  WCSR was voted best social media law firm in the US this year.

Susan Advises Outside Counsel: Law Firm Business Development (July 2012)

While you can read all of Susan’s ABA New Normal Column posts here, this one’s written for outside counsel worried about how to generate new business in a challenging marketplace.  Susan’s advice?  While it’s good to make new friends, focus your attention on keeping the old.

Thoughts from a former CLO on returning to law firm practice … (June 2012)

Bob Bostrom, former CLO of FreddieMac, now a top practice leader at SNR Denton, offers his thoughts on making the transition back to law firms after in-house practice.

Christophe Mosby of HP discusses his department’s Corporate Legal Diversity Pipeline Initiative

HP video features Street Law’s Corporate Legal Diversity Pipeline, which pairs law departments with local schools with diverse populations to educate kids of color / turn them on to the potential offered by a career in law – learn about the project.

Susan Hackett Offers Three “New Normal” Tips for Legal Execs (May 2012)

Susan’s perspectives are captured in these three “mini” video interviews while at the Serengeti Client Summit in Seattle (where Susan served as conference Keynoter): recorded/published by Thomson Reuters’ “Legal Current” and posted by VQ Virtual Intelligence.

LEL Practice Resource:  BMO Financial Group’s Legal Team Knowledge Management Practices (April 2012)

Read about knowledge management practices implemented by BMO Financial Group’s Legal Team,           including professional development, intranets and technology practices.

LEL Practice Resource:  Professional Development for Junior Lawyers and Staff at The Hartford Financial Services Group’s Law and Compliance Department (March 2012)

Read about professional development practices implemented by The Hartford Financial Services Group’s Law and Compliance Department, including one-hour discussion meetings with the Chief of Staff and leadership profile traits.

LEL Practice Resource:  Intel Legal Department’s Approach to Knowledge Management (February 2012)

Read about knowledge management practices implemented by Intel’s legal department, including leadership, playbooks, social media features, collaborative efforts with firms and more.

LEL Practice Resource:  Transforming In-house Legal Practice with a Global Center of Excellence- Cisco Systems Inc.’s Legal Department’s Knowledge Management Practices (February 2012)

Read about Global Center of Excellence practices implemented by the Cisco Systems’ legal department to help improve efficiency and effectiveness of legal services.

LEL Practice Resource:  Symantec’s Knowledge Management Practices-Guidebooks Leverage Expertise and Enhance Value (December 2011)

Read about knowledge management practices implemented by the Symantec legal department, including negotiation guidebooks, a contract management system and a legal intranet portal.

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